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About EndowFi

Financing Higher Education

Our purpose is to break financial barriers to higher education. EndowFi, is the world's first educational endowment fund that solely invests in digital assets. We are globally decentralized and the funds are managed by our DAO members.

Our goal is to ensure a sustainable source for student financial support. We aim to provide continuous financial aid through innovative investment strategies for students in need of educational assistance.

We aim to remove all financial barriers to access higher education. EndowFi has a global impact by supporting students worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing educational funding.


Gamified Investment Learning

Our research involves analyzing market trends and assessing digital assets for potential investment opportunities to support our mission.

We have made significant progress in diversifying our digital asset portfolio, ensuring sustainable growth for Educational Endowment Fund.

Younger generation today is readily embracing Web 3.0 technologies like blockchain and are extremely crypto-native. However they often get into high-risk/high-return digital investment strategies. We aim to gamify this process and teach risk management along the way.

Making large bets on meme coins, GameFi, Metaverse or AI projects that look like tech savvy but  do not have a bright feature may look fun and entertaining but could easily end investors in financial ruins.

EndowFi helps young college goers to save for their education as well as helping them pay-off their student debt sooner than traditional methods.

EndowFi has multiple sources of funds and by making informed decisions with the help of a DAO managed by ENDOW token holders, we aim to produce higher returns to expand our global reach.  


Strategic Roadmap 

EndowFi will be launched in phases. Here is our roadmap.


Go-to-Market Plan

Q1'24 Kick-off a solid Go-to-Market plan with a series of funding rounds to be executed throughout 2024.

Complete all system integration and technical development work.


Grants and VC Rounds

Q2'24 Raise funds from Foundations and Grant making agencies especially in the blockchain technology and digital asset space followed by VC rounds.


Gamified Fundraising Campaign

Q3'24 Kick-off an educational and entertaining funding rounds through our Lord of Memefluencers gamified funding round where students with tiny amounts generate good returns from digital asset investing.


Token Generation Event

Q3'24 Token Generation Event for the ENDOW governance token of EndowFi DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


Scholarship Distributions

Q1'25 Start making grants to students in institutional education.

Updates & Downloads

Project Insights & Materials

Digital Asset Insights

Unlock valuable knowledge about digital assets and their impact on education sector. Endow.fi's expertise.

Educational Awareness

Promote understanding of education endowment funds and their role in supporting academic endeavors.

Resource Availability

Discover available materials to enhance your learning journey through digital asset investments. Endow.fi.

Our Team

Meet Our Founders

Endow.fi is the world's first educational endowment fund investing in digital assets, aiming to eliminate financial barriers in accessing higher education.

Afşar Akal

Co-Founder & CEO

Established the vision of Endow.fi and leads the strategic direction including enterprise and investor relations.

İsmail Hakkı Polat

Co-Founder & CTO

Leads the research effort to ensure transparency and effectiveness of using digital assets for educational endowment fund.

A. Türker Balkar

Chief Investment Officer

Developed the innovative digital asset investment model for sustainable growth in higher education funding. 

News & Resources

Latest Updates

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Scholarship Opportunities

Discover the latest scholarships available for students interested in digital asset investments. Apply now!

Digital Assets 101

Explore the basics of investing in digital assets and how it impacts higher education.

Industry Insights

Get insights into the evolving landscape of educational endowment funds focusing on digital assets.


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